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Bunny Lamp

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Bunnies. Oh, yes, bunnies. We just love them bunnies…

Studio Kahn lamps are characterized by a minimalistic line, a rich sense of material, and a maximal visual impact. When you order this Bunny light sculpture, you can specify how many bunnies would you like! :)

The light is meant to act as an accent light, With that being said, it has pretty strong 24V LED's which will consume roughly 50W.
It will light up a dark room for a romantic night, but not effectively enough to read.

Material: Hand made in slip-casting technique, Studio Kahn's Gray Vitrius Ceramic, Stainless Steel fixtures, 24V LED
Mounting is very easy: just drill two holes and fix it on two screws.


Please choose a color from our 3 Grays choices: Pale Grey, Concrete Grey, and Charcoal Grey


Diameter: 21"

Depth: 3"


Lead shipping time from San Francisco: 1-3 days

Lead shipping time from Designer: 4-6 weeks