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Modular Mouth Lamp

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Studio Kahn lamps are characterized by a minimalistic line, a rich sense of material, and a maximal visual impact. When you order this Crocodile light sculpture, you can specify how many Crocs would you like! :)

The light is meant to act as an accent light, With that being said, it has pretty strong 24V LED's which will consume roughly 50W.
It will light up a dark room for a romantic night, but not effectively enough to read.

Material: Hand made in slip-casting technique, Studio Kahn's Gray Vitrius Ceramic, Stainless Steel fixtures, 24V LED
Mounting is very easy: just drill two holes and fix it on two screws.


Please choose a color from our 3 Grays choices: Pale Grey, Concrete Grey, and Charcoal Grey


Modular Mouth Lamps can be specifically customized to the client's wants and needs in terms of length, shape, texture, and tone. 


Lead shipping time from San Francisco: 1-3 days

Lead shipping time from Designer: 4-6 weeks