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An adaptation of traditional wooden lacquer trays, this alien-looking table is multifunctional and comes in a knock-down form. The legs detach for ease of transport, reducing the cost and the energy spent on transporting material from various parts of the world, and additionally, allow the table to be used as a bowl as well.

The idea is inspired by objects that are simple and had multiple applications, and yet were not burdens on the planet.

The shape of the mango table is derived from traditional kneading bowls that used to be lacquered in bright red and were found extensively across the south of India.

The mango table has a top made from the wood of a fruit tree. It is grown and tended for, and once the productive life of the tree is over, it is cut down and another one is planted. Incidentally, mango, as a fruit is widely consumed across the country hence the wood is plentiful.

It is turned manually on the lathe, showcasing the skill of the “kharaadi” or the woodturning community, thereby supporting local skills. The legs are made of mild steel, machined out of rods. The finishing is done with lead-free water-based PU lacquers, thereby respecting the local environment.

Design: Ayush Kasliwal / IND

Material: Sustainably harvested natural mango wood with steel legs

Origin: Made in Jaipur, India


          Natural, Black Stain, Sirka Grey Stain, Nuri Green

          *Please note that all sizes come in all colors.


            Small: 15-3/4" Dia, 15" Height
            Medium: 18" Dia, 20-1/2" Height
            Large: 20-1/2" Dia, 18" Height
            X-Large: 29-1/2" Dia, 15" Height

            *sizes are an approximation


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