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ShadoArt is a minimalist handmade illustration of your
selected photo, laser cut in metal. The result is a unique and delicate transformation of your special moment that will capture your heart and amaze those who’ll receive it as a gift.

ShadoArt is all about touching people’s hearts

by ARTing a personal, cherished moment to become a part of our lives. Along the way, while creating these personal mementos, there were some artworks that had one thing in common – other people who saw them were touched by and desired to own them as well. While the reasons for it vary, something in this specific piece triggers a feeling, an emotional reaction which we may find difficult to explain in words. Among these special artworks there were few which did the same thing to me and eventually turned to be ShadoArt Collection. 

Materials: Metal, Metal Sheet, Tin


9" X 8.8"




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