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Porcelain Micro Tile - Fungi

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As a boutique store with custom design items our inventory will fluctuate. We strive to keep items in inventory, yet deal with the reality that on occasion custom, handmade items do have to be brought in from the designer. After you purchase the item (and number of them) you want, we will notify you by phone or email if your item is backordered, and how long it will take to ship out to you—from 4-5 weeks. Thank you and enjoy.

Hand formed with the finest porcelain clay. The designer left the surface unglazed to accentuate that ethereal quality of translucency that only porcelain can give. The tiles are high fired, lending durability to the clay as well as moisture resistance. Each tile has an angled hole in the back that is fit for a small nail for secure hanging, as shown in the last photo.


4" * 4" * 1.5"

*sizes are an approximation


Lead shipping time from San Francisco: 1-3 days (if 0 on inventory, takes 4 weeks)

Lead shipping time from Designer: 4 weeks

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