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Gspot Armchair

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We found it! A bestseller in which you will get relaxed!

Designed by the visionary Yevhenii Litvinenko, this armchair is the result of meticulous research, endless prototypes, and a passion for creating the ultimate seating experience. Yevhenii delved deep into the history of chair production, exploring museums and scrutinizing countless chair models to craft an exceptional piece that stands out in terms of comfort, compactness, and unparalleled coziness.


"LEM" - This fabric is a cross between Alpake and Baloo that combines durability and softness.

Other options are Alpaca and Chenille Boucle (Baloo)


Weight: 23 kg
W 33.2" X D 33.4"/ W 84.5cm x D 85cm 
Seat height: 23.3"/ 5.3 cm


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