Our Story

BaBoo's collection combines our love of design, people,
natural materials, and craftsmanship.


“I love the people I meet in the design community and
I love being around beautiful things. Coming from Israel,
I always dreamed of collecting, selling and working around design. Israel is a very small country and it was impossible for me to even consider launching a business on this scale. But here,
in the U.S., anything is possible.”

Recently, BaBoo relocated their showroom to the San Francisco Design Center and is now focused on sharing their unique products with the Bay Area Interior Design community. BaBoo combines a love of design and the artisans, materials, and craftsmanship behind it.
BaBoo’s new showroom is designed to stimulate the senses: smell, touch, sound, and feeling with their collection of whimsical wares.

BaBoo scours the globe for chic, elegant pieces that add
a special touch of whimsy to any project.

Come play with us……

About Galit

Galit went to university in Israel and graduated with a degree in Criminology. She returned to NYC to study Organizational Psychology and received a Masters from Columbia University. While pursuing her education, she was inspired by the worldly design she experienced in both these cities, which would later spark her desire to bring this type of sophisticated, cosmopolitan lifestyle to San Francisco.  Inspired by her extensive world travels and the artistry of Isreali designers, she saw an opportunity to share her perspective on innovative design. In 2013,  BaBoo was born.