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Gspot Sofa

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Imagine a sofa where every part of your body finds true comfort, where relaxation is an art form, and where aesthetics meet function seamlessly. The Ж•Gspot Sofa is a bestseller that promises unrivaled relaxation. Plus, you can choose from a range of exquisite fabric colors to match your style!

Designed by the visionary Yevhenii Litvinenko, this sofa is the result of meticulous research, endless prototypes, and a passion for creating the ultimate seating experience. 


"LEM" - This fabric is a cross between Alpake and Baloo that combines durability and softness.

Other options are Alpaca and Chenille Boucle (Baloo)


Weight: 38 kg
W 59" X D 306"/ W 150cm x D 778cm 
Seat height: 23.3"/ 54.3 cm


Please allow 6-10 weeks for your order to ship to you.