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TOTO’s design draws inspiration from the shape of a turtle’s shell, which naturally resembles a soft pouf. This reference is embedded in the collection’s name, TOTO short for “tortoise”. 

TOTO comprises a set of soft poufs and coffee tables, totaling seven items. They complement and blend well with each other due to their distinctive design. Designed by Ross Sorokovyi.


Alpaca/ Chenille Boucle (Baloo)/ "LEM" - This fabric is a cross between Alpake and Baloo that combines durability and softness.


Small - W18.9" x L18.9" x H11.8" / W48cm x L48cm x H30cm

Medium - W23.6" x L23.6" x H14.1" / W60cm x L60 cm x H36cm

Large - W18.9" x L39.3" x H16.5" / W48cm x L100cm x H42cm


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