Ohad Benit

Down to Earth Light Fixture

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“Down To Earth” explores gravity and its effect on the way that geometric elements hang. the installation reveals the contrast between the material’s original characters and the sense of lightness and floating it gains in the composition. The geometric elements resemble clothes hanging on a rope. 

The collection is made up of different compositions, some of which are made of sustainable materials, which hang throughout the space. 
The industrial glass tubes used to hang the fixture are illuminated from the inside and give a sense of depth thanks to the play of light and shadow. 
The finished geometric elements are made of a variety of materials. 

This collection was done in collaboration with the fashion brand COS and Israeli artist Ohad Benit.


Aluminum, Iron metal, Galvanised metal

Please contact us for more color and custom options.


47"W x 34"L x 1.5"D  

*Sizes are Approximate - Handmade


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