From “waste” to beauty. MEEMA believe products should be manufactured with integrity,  designed for function, and, most importantly, bring joy to the user. Their goods are designed to look beautiful, work great and be as sustainable as possible. 

The makers give discarded fabrics that would otherwise be considered “waste”, a second life and turn them into everyday essentials that people love to use. MEEMA fabrics are made by The New Denim Project, A textile manufacturer in Guatemala who is a global leader in sustainable textiles and circular economy industry. 

Meema is a family owned company that was born out of a combination of two issues: the large amount of waste generated by the textile industry and the consumer habits of using single-use plastic and paper products. The brand name "Meema" comes from the nickname co-founder Alejandro called his grandmother. He says, "anyone who knew her will definitely remember her cooking in the kitchen, setting a table or feeding someone in some way or another, along with her incredible optimism and laughter." Meema, as a line of kitchen and table textiles, is a true way for the founders to honor and remember her.

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