Ooh noo is all about natural, ethically sourced materials, designed to last a long time and provide natural and imaginative play. 

The ooh noo collection consists of lovingly designed, elegant and playful nursery décor. Its main objective is to support a minimalist approach to the interior design of kids’ rooms, resulting in simple, elegant and natural toys, bedding and decorative items. They are created in the spirit of good design, simultaneously supporting functionality, minimalist aesthetic and sustainability.

They combine pure natural materials, playful shapes and unexpected patterns, aspiring to create a high-quality environment for a memorable childhood. Our collection is also friendly to the environment, made from pure old-world materials and supporting the ambition to be as sustainable as possible. Ooh noo toys and bedding are reliable and durable enough to be used for many years and handed down from one child to the next.

The entire ooh noo collection is designed in the European Union and it is also produced in the region, by hand. We are a small group of designers and producers, who started the brand from scratch and still look after the quality and the beauty of the products as if they were made for our own families.

When you purchase an ooh noo item, you can be certain it was created the old-school way: within a community of people who create and sell these cute little things because they love to. Hopefully, this shows in everything we do.