Pappelina is a company that is focused on holistic interior design. Their hallmark is quality and function: "we believe that simplicity lasts in the long run."

At the core of their assortment is the plastic rug. Designed to be recyclable and eco-friendly, Pappelina rugs were almost forgotten when they renewed them and made these type of rugs popular once again.

As with most good quality Scandinavian Textiles, the smallest details become critically important, from the choice of material and pattern, to the weaving and finishing process. Each article in Pappelina's Swedish Rug Collection represents a piece of old-world craftsmanship, from start to finish, brought to life through a close interplay between design and weave. Their rugs sparks a burst of joy to everyday home life.  Pappelina Rugs are still crafted with love and pride in Sweden!

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