Rone'l Jordaan

Based in South Africa, Ronel Jordaan Textiles produces high-quality design objects made out of felt. After working as a textile designer for 26 years, in 2003 Ronel Jordaan began researching the possibilities of using felt as a creative medium. Entirely self-taught and following her own creative instincts, she began to turn the fine gossamer thread into robust felted forms. By patiently rubbing and coaxing threads of pure wool into shapes in nature that inspire her, she found her direction and started a small home industry.

The company strives for job creation and skills development locally and also assists neighboring countries with skills development. Their production processes and materials are eco-friendly, providing a competitive edge to their brand. As ‘new cities’ are being created (such as Dubai, cities in China, and expansion in Eastern European countries), there is a greater awareness of their environmental impact as well as the need to be innovative and different. Ronel Jordaan Textiles aims to become the preferred supplier of unique green products, using only raw materials derived from sustainable merino wool and recycled polyester.