Rug FRED Black S (revirsible)

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Experience the captivating essence of FRED, a rug that speaks to the yearning for peace in our modern world. Inspired by the concept of tranquility and harmony, FRED was crafted to embody both inner serenity and a collective desire for global peace. Its name, derived from the Swedish word for peace, perfectly encapsulates its purpose and significance. With its elegant and understated aesthetic, FRED seamlessly blends into any interior style. Its timeless design, characterized by clean lines and balanced proportions, allows it to complement both contemporary and traditional spaces. Whether placed in a living room, bedroom, or meditation area. Thanks to the material's durability, the rug has a long lifespan, which gives a low environmental impact.

Easy to care for and clean with only using water. Machine washable. 
Plastic rug for indoor and outdoor use, made in Sweden. Made of Swedish-manufactured, certified phthalate-free PVC ribbon, woven on traditional looms using wooden shuttles. Reinforced, welded edges for strength and durability.


Black/ Vanilla


2.2' x 2.9'/ 70cm x 90cm

Measurements may vary by ±4% due to the weaving process.
Thickness 5 mm/0.2”.
Material 92% PVC and 8% polyester varp.


Easy to Vacuum/ Mop, Rinse with Water, Hand or Machine Washable at 86°F (30°C), Easy Drip Dry, Bleach Resistant


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