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Mobileshadows, shadows that are freely suspended, like clouds floating in the light. set of pieces to suspend liberally in a window frame or separately in their own space.

The frame is in galvanized steel. These clouds are supplied with an adjustable 2 meters (78.8")  cable and a magnet that can be fixed anywhere on the shape to position it vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
A variety of four shapes allows choosing a variable composition in each dimension.

Material: Linen or Silk




Nimbo 20.4" X 20.4"

Flocco  42.5" X 38.5"

Halo 34.6" X 26.7" 

Nimbostra 38.5" X 29.5"

The products are handmade so dimensions may vary slightly


Please allow 8-10 weeks for your items to be made by hand and shipped to you.