Chicken Footstools

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The chickens are sculpted in Kansas City, Missouri with care and delight, upholstered to function as footstools. Each is one-of-a-kind, unique in posture and personality. A turned wood egg-shaped core stands on bronze feet and is connected to a bronze beak. Feathers are fashioned with traditional fiber art techniques- dyeing, felting, spinning, knitting- and are stitched by hand. And a surprise? Their heads bob.


Little CathiAnne, Charmine, Bonnie M

If you do not see the perfect Chicken footstool for you, let's design a custom chicken together!

For custom orders please contact us


    Big Chicken:

    25 pounds

    18-20" floor to back

    24" beak to tail feathers

    24" wingspan

    delightfully larger-than-life; generous and comfortable

    Little Chicken:

    12 pounds

    12-14" floor to back

    12" beak to tail feathers

    12" wingspan

    Easy to move around the house, comfortable for the light-of-foot

    *sizes are an approximation


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