Vegetable Stress ball

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Ever heard of stress balls?

COMARU Moon Face Stress Ball will provide you with limitless stress relief. Use this incredibly relaxing expression face to release tension. it’s got an awesome, unique and fun to play with texture.

Each whimsical face is carefully removed from its mold by hand to preserve its characteristic features.

It comes with a black flexible silicone rim to rest on when not in use.

If it becomes dirty, wash it with water and sprinkle it with a bit of starch or baby powder. Avoid direct sunlight or high temperatures.

Made of soft silicone (Polyurethane resin)

Designer: Makiko Yoshida, Japan

Brand: Plus D (Tasu D)


Eggplant (Purple)

Tomato (Red)

Green Pepper (Green)


Ring stand size: 1 3/8” Dia, 1/8” H

Eggplant: 4"x1.7" (W x H)

Green Pepper: 2.8"x1.8"

Tomato: 2.4"x2"

*sizes are an approximation


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