Gaga & Design

Gaga and Design’s significant philosophy of airy, colorful efficient products, is the leading spirit of the 2013 collection. We seek to find the right balance between beautiful objects and functional furniture, playing with textile material and visual weight.

Following the introduction of the Bar Stool and responding to people’s passion for seating high above the floor, the concept was expanded into a collection. This unique ensemble embraces density and diversity; with models evolving from a minimal Barstool to an inviting full-backed chair.

Broadening its spectrum of multiple design languages under its innovative art direction umbrella, Gaga and Design have initiated a collaboration with designers Tal Gur and Rami Tareef.

Bocca by Tal Gur is a concept reinterpretation following a one-of-a-kind piece, a theme that the designer has been developing since 2004. This project went through a product development process adapted to Gaga & Design manufacturing techniques. Previous versions were exhibited at many design museums and galleries around the world.

COD project by Rami Tareef explores the woven chair morphology as a whole. Working with skilled craftsmen enabled him to enhance his ideas. The result is an original design achievement, mastering traditional craft knowledge.

Gaga & Design's commitment is to excellent designed and manufactured products. The chairs are weatherproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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