iota is a lifestyle brand focusing on contemporary interior decoration and accessories. The company was founded in 2014 in Israel by Tal Zur and Shula Mozes, who share a vision of preserving the handcraft of crochet and revising its shapes and proportions to create a new aesthetic and uniquely designed pieces. Choosing crochet as their medium was both the starting point for the design and a way to create social change.

iota’s handcrafted work is carried out by women working from their homes. iota’s team teaches them the skill of crochet and provides work for them. The company’s mission is rooted in empowering women and giving back to society.

iota is both ecologically and socially conscious, with a commitment to sustainability and community support. The company works within communities with high rates of unemployment and provides mentoring and training programs. They give their employees the option of working from home and reward them with fair pay. iota’s production process is completely transparent and absolutely condemns child labor and sweatshop environments. In addition, a majority of the profits from product sales are invested in the welfare and educational programs worldwide.