Les Angles

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As the Livingstones and Dunes, Les Angles are at the same time a seating solution and structuring elements for living spaces.

They form a set of geometric cushions that easily fit together to transform into seats for individuals or groups. A new furniture collection of eight elements to arrange at will.
This project fits perfectly in Smarin’s universe: an original but familiar landscape, made of forms and colors to manipulate freely. Together they are flexible pavement, able to cover the floor, the ceiling, or the walls. Thanks to the wool properties, they then become a remarkable insulating and soundproof structure.

On the edges of each Angle are sub-spots. They allow to pass a lace and easily assemble the components of the composition. Two lengths of laces are supplied with Les Angles: 59" and 110". Weaving is made on all the perimeter of the elements in order to connect them firmly. Everyone can create his own composition, weaving, and forging. Lacing is a simple technique that makes it possible to compose and to recompose the landscape formed by Les Angles.


As with any wool furniture, it is recommended to protect Les Angles from moths. The seats are made of foam.


Blue, Light Gray, Dark Gray

For custom inquiers please contact us


Cushion 73  L 39.3" x 28.7" x H 5.9"
Backrest 73  L 39.3" x 28.7" x H 18.5"  
Seat 73-15  L 39.3" x 28.7" x H 5.9"
Seat 73-25  L 39.3" x 28.7" x H 9.8"

Cushion 38  L 46.4" x 14.9" x H 5.9"
Backrest 38  L 46.4" x 14.9" x H 22.8"  
Seat 38-15  L 46.4" x 14.9" x H 5.9"
Seat 38-25  L 46.4" x 14.9" x H 9.8"


Please allow 8-10 weeks for your order to be made by hand and shipped to you.