Olander Earthwork

Playful Concrete Tabletop Heads

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Olander Earthworks Heads offer dynamic fun and interesting display options. Each head can be tilted to rest on a number of unassuming flat spots that compose the underbelly of the piece. Buy one for a playful accent in the office or home, or several as a conversation piece. 

Like the wall-hanging faces, heads can be displayed by themselves or in groups, both indoors and out. While these comical gestures will emote fine individually, they are at their best in a social context. The possibilities of combinations and positions amongst a group of heads are seemingly limitless. The fun grows exponentially the more of them you invite to the party.

Designed and handmade by Olander Earthwork in Portland, Oregon. 




Admire, Adore, Alarm, Cringe, Doubt, Delight, Glow, Grief, Holler, Panic, Puzzle, Scrunch, Sing, Snicker, Taunt, Grumble 


2 1/4"H x 2"W x 3"D


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