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An installation of luminous mobiles in fabric, to hide light or let light through as you wish.
Partitions that you can freely suspend in front of a window or use as a room divider.

These clouds come with a 2 meters (78.7") electric cable and a power supply case. The inner structure is made out of stainless steel.
Three shapes, Nimbo, Nimbostra and Mini, can be combined with the Mobileshadows collection, to compose a modular sky line.

100% polyester and LED

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Warm Light, Cold Light



Mini plug\ ceiling  9.4" X 9.4" X 1.5"  45 LED

Nimbo plug\ ceiling 19.6" X 19.6" X 1.5"   100 LED

Nimbostra plug\ ceiling 32.2" X 28.3" X 1.5"   180 LED

* The products are handmade so dimensions may vary slightly



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Lead shipping time from Designer: 4 weeks

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