BaBoo, Bringing international design to San Francisco

A unique shopping experience dedicated to infiltrating your design with international statements.

Influenced by travel and bringing together the cultures of many worlds, BaBoo fuses these countries into one brick-and-mortar shop. “BaBoo aims to take you on a journey, much like when you travel and find those rare treasures. By shopping BaBoo it is like when you leave the ‘main road’ to this beautiful intimate alley, with special smells, authentic people, and small handcrafted goods.” Galit Chay, the store’s owner describes the BaBoo experience.

Whether you are an interior designer shopping for a client, or just someone looking for that perfect piece, BaBoo wants you to find a haven where your far away fantasies come together. BaBoo brings the adventure to you in every shopping experience, and introduces you to the wondrous corners of the world you didn’t know existed through brands such as: Rone'l Jordaan, Takumi, Kino Gue'rin, BaBoo Lighting Gallery, Jewelry by Tovi Farber, gaga and design, Photo-art by Roni Ben Simhon, and many more.

And each of them creating beauty wonders by hands!